⇒ NOTICE: To those of you who have come to this page via a link from other websites that are claiming one or both of us are “former Illuminati,” that is not true. We are NOT former Illuminati, and we have NEVER claimed to be former Illuminati. Others have said that about us; but that is not what we have said about ourselves. See: “Setting the Record Straight: On Being “Former Illuminati“.

We are in the process of shutting down our joint blog for one main reason: it served its original purpose (to answer the many questions Carolyn received about why she left “BRIDE Ministries”), it even went above and beyond that purpose (by answering other questions, specifically regarding unsafe and unbiblical teachings), and we are now wanting to move in other directions with our lives.

Carolyn’s Website

You can find Carolyn Hamlett’s website here: https://carolynhamlettexposinglucifersplaninthelastdays.com/

Carolyn’s YouTube Page

You can find Carolyn Hamlett’s YouTube page here, with all of her personal videos as well as the videos she and Loren Grace have done together: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCafutlCEKQOsfQX2HN4efaQ

Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft

If you would like to read the book we authored, it is still available for purchase, or to read on Carolyn’s website. Follow this link for more information: https://carolynhamlettexposinglucifersplaninthelastdays.com/dod/.

Q&A: Advice for Those Who are Being Gang-Stalked and Harassed

At this time, we have no plans to republish previous articles; however, there is one exception. The article that Loren Grace wrote on  May 13th, 2018 (Q&A: Advice for Those Who are Being Gang-Stalked and Harassed) has received a lot of views and shares and has been helpful to many; therefore, you can find her post here, on Carolyn Hamlett’s website: https://carolynhamlettexposinglucifersplaninthelastdays.com/2022/03/05/advice-for-those-who-are-being-gang-stalked-and-harassed/